From our clients!

"Teresa was 100% the best decision I made during our wedding planning process. In short, if you are considering Above All Events, I HIGHLY recommend going through with it. You will not regret it. For a little more detail: I hired Teresa as a Month of Coordinator, which included suggestions for vendors. I am so glad I followed her advice - everything was perfect. Having years of experience in the industry and the wonderful collection of vendors she connects with speaks volumes to the true professional she is. Above All Events has connections in so many facets of wedding planning - she even helped me coordinate La Hora Loca for the last hour of our wedding, which was such a hit! Teresa is so much more than a coordinator. She was there for me during the highs and lows of the day and always kept us on track. You are investing so much time, money, and effort into this extremely emotional day. Having someone on your side to keep things in order and to make sure YOU are taken care of is priceless. My family 100% intends on hiring Teresa again in the future!"

- Jessica

"Absolutely Perfect & Seamless! I will say it again! It was seamlessly perfect and truly couldn't ask for anything better! They really made sure all of the little things counted and stuck out. Nothing was missed and you really had one of a kind pieces that won't be at anyone else's wedding! Thank you so much for everything Teresa!"

- Macy

"above all Events helped me design exactly the wedding I was looking for! They had so many connections to great vendors, they helped narrow down everything I needed to choose. Even when it came to seating, Teresa made everything work out perfectly. She took such pride in her work and it showed. Our wedding was flawless and beautiful with the help of above all Events!"

- Ginamarie

"First I just want to say WOW! above all Events was amazing! When I decided to throw an engagement party for my son and his fiancé, I really didn't want to do any of the work - so when I met Teresa I knew right away she was the one! She was sweet, adorable, knowledgeable, professional and very creative. Her ideas were beyond and we just keep saying yes to all of it. Her partner, Alyson, was also a gem. They arrived early and stayed to the very end and left my house the way the found it The decor was fantastic - it was a Fall theme and they left nothing out. They handled every little thing that came up - I didn't need to worry about anything - I didn't need to do anything - they did it all! The caterer was delicious, the staff was perfect - and the DJ, Jeremy, was out of this world. He had everyone dancing all night. Teresa and Alyson are so terrific that I'm hoping I have the need to throw another party just so they can run it. I highly, very highly, recommend them to handle any type of occasion - they are the best! "

- Dolores

"Teresa and Alyson are seriously amazing! I would recommend them time and time again. We had the best engagement party EVER! I mean EVER. Every single guest contacted me the next day saying how amazing our party was. Even called it "flawless". We have been asked many times how we are going to top this party at our wedding! We really had them most amazing experience. Both Alyson and Teresa work their tails off from the moment you book with them until the breakdown of the party is fully complete. Could not have had a better experience! Every little detail tied the whole party together and put a special touch on the party. Teresa came to our house the day of booking and we told her our ideas and her visions were endless and she really painted a picture in our heads of what the party would be like and fully executed it! This party will never be forgotten! Thank you so much ladies!!!!!! You seriously made it so special for us and we can thank you enough!!! We will be booking you again for future events! "

- Nikki

"Teresa truly deserves all the credit for planning the most incredible wedding my husband and I could have asked for. She went above and beyond and focused on all the little details that made the wedding perfect! So many people who attended my wedding said it was the best wedding they had ever been to and that’s because of Teresa. She’s such a hard worker and on the wedding day, she kept me calm so I could really enjoy the day. If you want your vision to be executed and want to truly enjoy your wedding day, Above All Events is the company you should go with! Thank you so much for all you did for us! "

- Ashleigh

"Booking above all Events was the best decision/money we spent on the wedding! Alyson was all over every detail and added so much value to our wedding. We could not have done it without her! She was a pleasure to work with, and made our wedding the best day ever. She also managed to negotiate some great savings on several of our vendors, which was awesome! Teresa was also a great additional support on the day; Alyson and Teresa were a dream team and made it so we could actually just enjoy the day ourselves knowing everything was taken care of."

- Sophie & Matt

"As most do, I interviewed quite a few other planners far before my June 27th, 2015 outdoor, backyard, small intimate wedding of 400. Right off the bat, I knew that Alyson and Teresa we're made for us! (Love at first sight, If you will) We loved their energy, creativeness and eagerness to take on such a giant task...AND they came toting a killer inspiration board of ideas based off our phone call (and sharing my Pinterest board) We knew this was the beginning of something beautiful. And we was more than right. From day one they were the best wedding decision I had made. Alyson was my main contact and she was FABULOUS. She answered every phone call and ridiculous text message (ex: real candles or battery?..real duh) over the next year + of working together. She was incredibly responsive, knowledgeable and a really awesome therapist when I was feeling overwhelmed.My biggest mistake was not hiring above all Events full-time. Still, Alyson worked with me to put together 3 different tablescapes, she went ABOVE and beyond and even came to a vendor I was having an issue with. Plus 700,000 miscellaneous little wedding fires she helped put out on the regular. We had as many review meetings as I needed right before the wedding to calm my nerves. June 27th was absolutely magic. It was beautiful down to every little detail. When I walked into the backyard and saw everything we had been talking about for almost 2 years FINALLY put all together- it was simply gorg I hear a lot that girls go through "wedding withdraw" after everything you?ve planned is over but I AM having major planner withdraws. I will miss working together. If you have the opportunity to hire a planner, for design, day of, or full time, these are your gals. Every single cent is worth their expertise and support. THANK YOU above all Events for all of your blood, sweat, and tears (well my tears) in making our stunning wedding an event for the records. WE <3 YOU."

- Chrissy

"We hired Teresa and Alyson for full wedding planning, 18 months ago and It was by far the BEST decision we made for our wedding. Teresa ending up helping out with my engagement party also. She was so amazing that I ended up also hiring her to plan my shower as well. From the day I hired above all Events, my wedding planning became the easiest most fun process I have ever been through. Teresa was available what seemed like 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I tried to respect her personal time, however if something came up she responded asap and was on top of things before I even knew there was a problem. She is the most patient and hard working person ever! One of the most impressive things to me was, 3 weeks before my wedding my favor vendor suddenly quit. We were doing 150 mini wedding cakes, and 3 weeks before my wedding date I had no one to do these cakes anymore. I called Teresa, almost in tears, at 7pm on a wednesday, by 9am thursday morning she had 3 bakeries making me samples that I could choose from that week. I ended up choosing an amazing bakery Teresa found in NJ and I couldn't have been happier. The day of my actual wedding, we had a problem with our main wedding cake, Teresa literally stood there picking off the flowers that were not supposed to be there and immediately tried to get in contact with the other bakery who made the cake. The morning of my wedding Alyson was with me getting ready while Teresa over saw my venue setup. Alyson was unbelievably amazing all morning. At one point she literally was pinning me into my dress!! my wedding morning would not have been the same without Alyson there. I cannot say enough good things about Teresa, Alyson and above all Events. Their fees are VERY fair and they pull together an amazing event. I had a very over the top wedding and I NEVER would've had the night I had if it wasn't for Teresa. Thank You!!!!!!! I look forward to years of planning other events with above all Events!
- Dana

"Teresa Romanelli, Alyson Joubert and their staff at above all Events could not have been more professional, more attentive or more caring. Every minor detail was covered. Their true value to our wedding, however, wasn't more evident than when something went wrong with a vendor (which I've learned always happens). When it does no one will correct the problem, keep the bride calm, and make it all work out for the better than Teresa, Alyson and above all Events."

- Josh

"Teresa was absolutely amazing. I am an interior designer and honestly did not think I needed any help planning my wedding or executing my ideas. As a matter if fact I was worried that if I hired someone they would take over and my creative vision would be lost. That could not be further from the truth. Let me explain

1- Yes, I needed help. Everyone does. While I may have had my own I ideas, I didn't know how to source the best people to execute them. I also knew nothing about pricing and what was fair what was inflated. Experience is important. No bride is experienced in wedding planning ( ok maybe some have planned one before, but that does not make you an expert). I wanted a perfect wedding and I got one, because Teresa is amazing. She is resourceful, smart, talented and extremely responsive. And she is nice. You can't work with someone you don't like. It's important. Also she had integrity. Not an easy find in the wedding business.

2- Why it will still be your wedding your way. Teresa never tried to take over. She helped me execute my vision and made it better. It was a collaboration. I had my ideas and she would either help pull them together, tell me why they wouldn't work and offer alternatives, or find a way to enhance them.

3- You will save money. That's right. She is in the know ladies. She gets better prices than you. Her savings pay for her services.

Do not hesitate. above all Events will not only make your day amazing but also help get your through a difficult process and make it all manageable. There is not one thing I would change about the services I received. I have zero complaints or regrets. Get a wedding planner. You need one. Plus they have various packages. They can work with you. Best money I spent for my wedding!!?"

- Gianna

"During the planning of our wedding, I knew we were in good hands with my mom. She has an incredible vision for detail and her style is beyond perfection. We quickly realized that will all we were trying to accomplish with every little detail, we needed outside help. We contacted above all Events at the recommendation of Ashleigh Malangone.

My mom and I had our initial meeting with Teresa just over a year before our wedding. We knew instantly that we needed her on our team because she exuded an energy that was contagious. Trust me when I say, for my mom to delegate is not easy and she had confidence in Teresa that she would be able to execute our vision. Teresa knew how much it meant to us to make sure everything was perfect.

The undertaking to set up our wedding was no easy task. The work that Teresa and Alyson pulled off that night was miraculous. We are so grateful to the both of them for helping us execute our vision.

I hope that any bride reading this will know how important it is to have a team while planning their wedding. Brides, on your wedding day you only have such a short amount of time to enjoy every single spectacular moment. It is not a day to be thinking about details or set up. It is a day to take in the magic of the day. Put your faith in the above all Events team - we did and had the wedding of our dreams.

Thank you Teresa and Alyson!!"

- Makenzie

"above all Events made our wedding the most perfect and stress free day! Both Alyson and Teresa were always available for all of our questions and executed our perfect wedding!! We can't thank them enough."

- Jillian

"Teresa of above all Events took away the stress of all the last minute details and kept the whole wedding day and night running smoothly. She went above and beyond what was called for. We recommend her and her Company to anyone who is planning a wedding or any event. Couldn't have done it without her!"

- Michelle

"We hired above all Events for Partial Planning to help with our wedding on October 12, 2014. Alyson was my day of coordinator and she did an amazing job in not only making sure everything was perfect but also made sure we were doing ok. Throughout the planning process, she was super helpful in answering any questions I had, helping me find vendors, and even down to finding table runners! My day would not have gone the way it did if I did not have Alyson there. Her passion for what she does really shows through in all the hard work she does!"

- Kristina

"Amazing work!! I loved everything about above all EVENTS. The service was amazing. Teresa was very attentive and answered all my questions and concerns, She made sure my invitations were exactly what I wanted, down to the specific color to match my theme. Friends and family raved on how beautiful they were. Thank you so much for your patience and professionalism! I can't wait for my next event so you can help me plan!"

- Rose Marie

"Teresa and Alyson are amazing! I honestly had not considered hiring a Wedding Coordinator until I met Teresa and Alyson at a Brett Matthews Photography event. They were so friendly and knowledgeable, and about 6 weeks before my wedding I started thinking that I might need some help through the craziness of the process. I am so happy that I made that spur of the moment decision! Teresa worked tirelessly to help me design and put together my hotel welcome bags (that were amazing) some beautiful final touches (signing rocks, menu printing, finding and ordering my card box, ordering sparkly table numbers and linens, etc.) and of course connecting with all my vendors, gathering family members for photos, managing everything very very smoothly the day of (shuttle service, photo booth, band, dj). She was a tremendous help and both she and Alyson are just kind, caring, wonderful people that you want to have around. I would highly, highly recommend hiring them! "

- Elena

"Teresa and Alyson from above all EVENTS helped us with their 'Wedding Day Coordination Services' to execute the fine details of our very intricate wedding. They were diligent and well calculated with all of the the moving parts that our affair offered. We are thankful to them for their hard word and dedication that helped make our wedding a success. Thank You!! "

- Ashley & Mike

"above all Events did a fantastic job helping me design my wedding invitations! They were elegant and exactly what I envisioned. The quality was amazing. I cannot recommend them enough!"

- Kristine & John

"above all Events made my wedding dream a reality! Teresa and Alyson made my day absolutely beautiful! It was such a great feeling knowing that they knew exactly what we wanted, and knew the right people to actually pull it off! They made our day flawless; an amazing day we'll never forget."

-Aubrey & Noah

"above all Events helped make our wedding a memorable one. From the moment we met Teresa she immediately eased our anxiety of planning our wedding. She has amazing ideas and helped us create our wedding vision. Teresa is extremely professional and worked well with all my vendors. She took care of everything for us the day of our wedding. We didn't have to worry about a thing, except enjoying our day! I highly recommend using above all Events!"

- Rachel & Sal

"above all Events planned my entire Sweet 16 from top to bottom! The only thing I had to do was pick the theme! Teresa and Alyson turned my Candy Land Sweet 16 into a dream come true! My friends and I had the best time dancing the night away knowing that Teresa and Alyson had everything under control!"

- Jillian

"My Sweet 16 was the talk of the town thanks to Alyson and Teresa from above all Events. They did an amazing job turning my backyard into a VIP experience at a Miami Heat game! From the amazing food cart vendors, to the lounge furniture to the life-size Lebron James and step and repeat, above all Events made my Sweet 16 absolutely amazing. My friends are still talking about my party! I can't thank them enough!"

- Kelly

"above all Events made my son's 16th birthday at the Garden City Hotel so special! I was so nervous about planning his party since I live in Florida, but Teresa went above and beyond to create a night that none of us will forget. I was so impressed with Teresa's professionalism and her eye for detail. She is truly talented! If I ever plan another event I will definitely use above all Events again!"

- Christine